Teagle 8ft Finishing Mower     £650

New 16ft Heavy Duty Feed Trailer    £1,400

​  Conventional Bale Wrapper      £1,600

    Bamford 2 Drum Mower (very tidy )      £700

      Sturdiluxe PTO Driven Brush    £500

Howard 5ft Rotovator         £350

Jarmit 1000ltr Crop Sprayer     £650

Krone 6ft Rotavator    P.O.A.

     5.5 Cube Rota Spreader £700

   New Heavy Duty British Made ATV/Quad Bike Trailer

​5ftx3ft £500 , 6ft x 3ft  £550

​7ft x 4ft with 10/80.12 implement wheels and heavy duty axle for strength £800

​Dividing gates for all trailers also in stock and availble , call for further details.

 Hornberg PTO Driven Root Chopper      £400

 NEW Heavy Duty  Ritchie Yard Scraper      £600


       McConnel PTO Saw Bench....very tidy   £800

         8ft Hydraulic Folding Slewtec Fully Off-set Topper    £850

         Bale Trailer             £1,000


 New Heavy Duty 6ft Muck Grab    £1,000

​New Heavy Duty 7ft Muck Grab     £1,050

Steve Coventry Farm Machinery

        McConnel PTO Driven Saw Bench c/w new blade  £850

      Kuhn Polycrock 1750 Feeder      £500

  Straw Chopper c/w new engine     £300

     Slurry Stirrer   £675


 6ft Topper        £600

New Shop Soiled 5ft Topper  £700


 Opico 5mtr Tine Harrow         £850

    NEW Heavy Duty Stock Fencer, Unroller & Tightener    £650

 NEW 4ft Muck Grab     £650

     NEW Fleming 6ft Power Brush      £650

   Teagle 6 Ton Tipping Trailer       £1,400

       NEW 7ftx4ft Quad Trailer     £750

     4 Ton Tipping Trailer ....complete new body with drop down sides £1,500

 Marshall 6 Cube Rota Spreader      £850

 Foster Heavy Duty Jungle Buster Chain Topper       £800