Sheep Snacker       £300

  Vicon Vari spreader     £200

Ifor Williams Sheep/Calf Trailer      £550

Salop Rota spreader c/w new chains & slurry plates       £1,400

  NEW 3 Way Draft Weighing Crate         £1,250

 Slewtec Rear Power Loader          £450

 West Straw Chopper        £300

 PTO Slurry Pump      £700

Ironworks Sheep Turnover new    £500

6 Ton Tipping Trailer c/w Round  Bale Extension fitted with new body & fold down sides        £2,000

Steve Coventry Farm Machinery

Twose Yard Scraper          P.O.A.

   Slewtec Rear Loader c/w fork & bale spike    £450

New Fleming Round Bale Handler with removable sleeves fitted with spikes £775

     Dutch Harrows    £800

     Grays 6ft Tipping Transport Box    £300

  Now Stocking Full Range of Cattle Hurdles/Gates ,Cattle & Sheep Feeding Equipment & Water Troughs 

NEW Taymar Squeeze Handling Trailer     £10,500​    

Used Machinery Page 2

New Heavy Duty Single & Double Round Bale Carriers on 3 point Linkage 

Single    £280       Double       £500

 NEW Fleming 8ft Roller  £1,150    , 10ft Roller      £1,500  

 New Fleming Bale Handler  P.O.A.

  Howard 80inch Rotavator    £750

      Ritchie Root Chopping Bucket     £800

  McHale Silage Knife     £700

 Parmiter Post Knocker  P.O.A.

        Chiltern Soft Hands Bale Grab   £500

   Kverneland 750mm Round Bale Wrapper         SOLD

Major 7.5 Cube Rota lid fitted    £1,400

   Malone 8ft Disc Mower   SOLD 

( very tidy,comma bed same as on Class mower  )