8FT Trailed Tine Harrow to fit on Quad Bike   £800

Fleming 6ft 6 Ballast Roller , draw bar & 3 point linkage £800

Protech P200S Post Knocker    £4,000

16FT Hydraulic Folding Chain Harrows     £1,550

Heavy Duty Galvanised  Log Splitter 14 ton Ram    £700

4Mtr Mounted Harrow (forged steel web not cast )   £800

Bateman Galvanised Gates 8FT ...£55, 10FT...£55 ,12FT....£60 ,15FT.....£70

Heavy Duty 4ft Topper 

  Fleming 9ft Topper     £2,000

New Machinery Page 3

Mounted Chain  Harrows 12FT....£900, 14FT....£950

8ft Tine Harrow    £500

Fleming Loader Buckets  5FT...£400, 6FT...£450, 7FT...£550

Bateman Calf Creep Feeder ( 3 point linkage and pallet fork attachments )   £850

Watson Heavy Duty 1250kg Hogg Feeder             £775 

​4 Ton Tipping Trailer c/w drop down sides   £2,600

Bateman Sheep Turnover Crate

8ft Mounted Chain Harrow        £550

Post Hole Borer 6inch, 9inch or 12 inch augers   £550

Round Bale Carrier    £280

 Belmac 9cube Spreader       £4,900

2 Cube Rota Spreader   £1,400

Steve Coventry Farm Machinery

Heavy Duty 7FT Topper    £950

Heavy Duty 6FT Fleming Topper     £900

Sitrex 4.2Mtr Rota Rake          £3,400

Bateman Hybrid Cattle Crush Full Access        £1,700

Fleming Heavy Duty Twin Bale Carrier    £1,050

Fleming 5FT Transport Box    £300

Trailed Chain Harrows 8FT....£350 , 10FT...£400, 12FT....£450

Heavy Duty 4ft Topper    £550