Euro 8 Headstock    £175

Trailer Break Away Cable £3

Topper Gear Box /Blades & Rubber Doghnuts P.O.A.

Post Knocker Rope ( 20mm,22mm or 24mm available )     £25 each 

PTO Shafts from   £50

Bobcat Brackets   £75

Loader Grab Tines   P.O.A.

ATV Trailer Wheels  P.O.A.

700mm Tungsten Tipped Saw Blade   £200


 Puncture Repair Solvent     P.O.A.

Twose  and Grays Ballast Roller Bearings P.O.A.

Loader Grab tines  P.O.A.

Rota Spreader Chains  P.O.A.

Puncture Repair Kit £20

Steve Coventry Farm Machinery

12 Volt Electric up to 6 miles   £55

Quickie No 3 Bracket £50

Chiltern MX Loader Bracket     £95

Euro 8 Bracket £50

Now stocking Hydraulic /Engine Oil 

Brushes P.O.A.