15ft Feed Barrier c/w trough         £460

Wide Range of Gates at competitive prices

Barley Feed Trough    £140

Bateman Sheep Hay Rack  P.O.A..

4ft &6ft Hayracks in stock  P.O.A.

Bateman Galvanised Hogg Feeder holds 450kilo    £600

Lamb Creep Feeder   £275

Heston Bale Feeder         £525

Watson Heavy Duty Calf Feed Creeper    £840

Lamb Weigh Scales    £500

 6ft Galvanised Hurdles         £20

Race Arch with Fitted Gate   P.O.A.

New Bateman Double Sided Lamb Creep Feeder     £285

Double Sided Lamb Creep Feeder £285

Bateman Lamb Creep Feeder Shelter     £400

Cattle Feed Ring       £185

Watson Heavy Duty 1250 kilo Hogg Feeder     £775

Lamb Creep Feeders    £280

Heston Bale Feeder      £480

15ft Cattle Feed Barriers     £250

Tombstone Feed Ring    £320

Bateman Sheep Feed Rings £100

10ft Cattle Hurdles    £85


​Ambassador Cattle Crush  P.O.A.

Steve Coventry Farm Machinery

Race Arch with Sliding Gate   £300

Selection of Water Troughs    P.O.A.