Ritchie Highland Cattle Crush    

Bateman Calf Pens  

Tombstone Feed Ring    

Watson Heavy Duty 1250 kilo Hogg Feeder    

Wide Range of Gates at competitive prices

Barley Feed Trough    

Bateman Sheep Hay Rack 

Race Arch with Sliding Gate  

Selection of Water Troughs   

Lamb Creep Feeder  

Race Arch with Fitted Gate   

Steve Coventry Farm Machinery

Cattle Feed Ring      

Heston Bale Feeder      

New Bateman Double Sided Lamb Creep Feeder  

4ft &6ft Hayracks in stock 

Lamb Weigh Scales    ¬£625

Lamb Creep Feeders    

Watson Heavy Duty Calf Feed Creeper   

10ft Cattle Hurdles   

Bateman Sheep Feed Rings 

Double Sided Lamb Creep Feeder 

‚ÄčAmbassador Cattle Crush  

Heston Bale Feeder        

 6ft Galvanised Hurdles       

15ft Cattle Feed Barriers     

15ft Feed Barrier c/w trough         

Bateman Lamb Creep Feeder Shelter     

Bateman Galvanised Hogg Feeder holds 450kilo   

Ritchie Calf De-horning Crate